Home Inspector Partnership Program

Free Termite Inspection Training For Your Team!

We have a completely revolutionary and easy way to now add Termite Inspection to YOUR Home inspection Business. We walk you through step by step on how to become certified with the state as well as include on site termite inspection training. We then have our Proprietary software that allows you to fill out the inspection report and then attach it to your report as well as include an estimate for remediation if needed. We fill and pay for the reports with the state, keep you up to date with CE hours, and lastly offer a 1 Year Warranty with a clear report for you client.

Why partner with Firehouse Pest Protection?

Expand Your Expertise

Diversify your offerings and stay ahead in the competitive home inspection industry. By adding Termite Inspection to your services, you'll demonstrate a commitment to thoroughness and become the go-to choice for homeowners and real estate agents alike.

Inclusive Remediation Estimates

Our software goes the extra mile by allowing you to include estimates for remediation if termite infestations are discovered. Empower your clients with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their properties.

On-Site Termite Inspection Training

We go beyond theoretical knowledge by providing practical, on-site training sessions. Our experienced professionals will guide you through real-life scenarios, helping you gain the skills and confidence needed to conduct accurate and detailed termite inspections effectively.

Hassle-Free Report Submission

We take care of the administrative burdens by filling and paying for the inspection reports with the state on your behalf. This way, you can focus on what you do best - providing exceptional home inspection services.

Streamlined Inspection Reports

Say goodbye to paperwork headaches! With our proprietary software, generating inspection reports is a breeze. You can efficiently fill out the report and easily attach it to your comprehensive home inspection report, saving you valuable time and effort.

Build Client Confidence

By choosing our Termite Inspection solution, you can offer your clients the assurance of a 1-Year Warranty along with a clear and comprehensive report. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will set you apart and build trust among your clients.


CONTACT OUR TEAM! Join us today and revolutionize your Home Inspection Business with our comprehensive Termite Inspection solution. Embrace the future of home inspection and unlock new opportunities for success.


Our company was first launched back in 2017 by a team of first responders. Our approach is reflected in our mission statement, which is “The Pest Control Company with Integrity”. Our customers choose us not only because of our transparent pricing and highly efficient pest control services but our friendly approach too.

We believe in keeping all of our customers in the loop. This is why we send each customer a text message the day before we arrive on-site, and they also receive an automated message when we’re on our way to their home or business premises so they’re not left wondering where we are. Two days after you have received your service, we’ll send you a follow-up message to ask you how you feel the service went and to let us know if you have any ongoing concerns.


The Pest Control Company with Integrity

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