Pricing and Questions

How our Pest Maintencence program works

Our goal is to prevent pest issues for your business or family before they become problems. We want to be proactive in protecting what matters most.

We do a complete inside and outside "Initial Flush out" followed up 30 days later with a continuation of the flushing process. This Helps push everything from the inside out and provides a protective barrier to prevent re-entry for any pests. From this point we continue providing regular services to prevent future pest activity With free re-treatments if needed in between services.

After the “Initial flush out service” we process payments on the first of each month breaking the payments down on a monthly basis. If you have an every other month service you will be charged half of the amount of the service on the first of each month, If you select our quarterly option we break the payments up into thirds. This helps families and businesses budget their payments as opposed to a random charge every other month as well as keep our cost down with our credit card processors which helps keep our services affordable to you.

A pest control barrier will be applied to the structural foundation (3ft up and 3ft out) of your home. Also to any surrounding areas with special attention paid to common insect harborages.


Bi-Monthly Pricing

Monthly services for rare circumstances with heavy scorpion issues and Quarterly services for general maintenance available as well.

Our Most Popular Plan

Service Type

General Pest Control

Your Discounted Initial Service


Monthly Billing with Neighborhood Discount


Service Frequency

Bi Monthly (6x per year)

Total Annual Savings


Find out if you qualify for our Neighborhood discount for pest services!

How our Termite Services Work

We design our treatments to meet your specific termite situation. We have 2 options to stop your property from being destroyed from termites.

Liquid Treatment

Includes a perimeter drill and trench into the soil where termite hives are located. We use the best product in the market to destroy termites and keep your home or business termite-free. Our Liquid Only services range from $700-$1500 depending on the size of the home and warranty length.

Bait Systems

This revolutionary treatment includes some liquid products but also provides a 365-day protection over your greatest asset. We drill 20 feet-apart termite stations that protect as well as prevent termite infestations in your home. We want more people to be able to afford this excellent service that both treats existing termites as well as acts as a 365-day home preventative protection plan. We can do this by leasing the bait stations directly to you and applying a small monthly charge for having the bait stations installed and monitored annually by Firehouse Pest Control Services.

Price Range

Our Bait Station with Spot Treatment Services only ranges from $250 - $550 for the installation which is a significant saving compared to our competitors who charge significantly more (In the Range of $1600-$1800). We can charge less because we afford a leasing program for the bait stations that is paid monthly starting around $20 a month up to $65 a month with OUR PEST AND TERMITE BUNDLE PLAN.

Our Promise to you

You don’t have to worry that our pest control being ineffective. If a pest problem pops up in between service visits, we’ll return to your home to re-treat it, free of charge typically within 96 hours or less. We are available via text, call, or email if you have any questions or needs. Our team prides itself on excellent service both to you and our local community. This is why partial proceeds go to the 100 Club which is a charity organization for fallen first responders and their families.


Should you hire Us?

Our services are based on our high value of Integrity and communication. Our prices reflect the amount of extra care that you will receive with our services such as

  • Text/email the day before as well as when we are on our way with an exact time arrival as well as a GPS tracker showing our location so you know exactly when we show up and leave

  • You have direct access to a concierge line that you can call or text with any questions that goes directly to our team so you are in easy communication with us

  • We create you a unique customer account that has notes and past services specifics to your property so we treat you and your home or business specifically to your pest or termite issues.

  • You are our HIGHEST priority so if you are having any issues between services we will come back out free of charge in between services typically within 96 hours or less!

  • As a locally and First Responder owned business, Firehouse Pest Control Services takes pride in helping!

The Pest Control Company with Integrity

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